Reflection One

Has your view of the journalism industry changed over the last week, or has it been confirmed?
During the first week of my course, I would say that my views and ideas of the journalism industry have definitely been confirmed. Before beginning my studies, I believed the industry to be very competitive, making it a difficult (yet rewarding) career to follow. After considering the various different ways to collect research for stories, laws that journalists are bound by and different angles that can be applied to a story, it has already been made clear that my original opinion was relatively accurate – making the idea of being a journalist all the more appealing!

What was the most surprising information you’ve heard during the module so far?
Despite this, the most surprising information that I’ve come across is just how much social media is changing the industry. Especially in terms of copyright law, the internet is causing various different types of difficulties, meaning that journalists have to be extra careful to avoid plagiarism.

What are you looking forward to doing over the next 10 weeks?
I am thoroughly looking forward to actively going out into the city to collect research and create stories; interviewing people is something I’m particularly excited about as there is so much to report in Leeds.


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