Reflection Two

What difficulties did you have setting up WordPress and how did you get around them?
I didn’t have many difficulties setting WordPress up, which I’m very pleased with. The only issue was that my original theme displayed the sidebar at the bottom of the page, which I didn’t find very user friendly at all. It is much easier to have widgets listed at the side of the page near the top, allowing immediate access.

What about the appearance of your site? Are you happy with it? What have you done to improve it?
I am happy with the appearance of my blog so far; I feel that the theme and the layout I have chosen are very user friendly as it displays content simplistically with categories separating posts clearly. I have also changed the font to make it easier to read as well as ensuring that external links stand out from the rest of my text.

Finally, we looked at copyright and secondary sources in the lecture. What key points stick in your mind from this session?
In the last lecture, we looked at copyright and secondary sources from which a few points stick out for me. For example, in regard to images, the original publisher of an image has the rights to it, meaning that journalists have to be particularly careful using images that are available on the internet. The example of the Daily Mail using a woman’s photos without permission and without crediting her particularly stood out to me as bad journalism.


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