Accepted Without Exception

Stonewall Season is upon us – events are being held across the country in support of the LGBT+ community this November.

Stonewall is an organisation dedicated to supporting the LGBT+ community and ending prejudice. They appeared at Leeds Pride, promoting their slogan “accepted without exception”.

Events continue from 1st – 10th November in cities including Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester. This includes a Quiz Night and a Rainbow Clothes Day.

Hatred still exists
After the shootings against the gay community in Orlando, Stonewall became involved in vigils which were held in many British cities. Many showed support by trending #LoveWins and #LoveisLove on Twitter.

Image of a crowd of people waving gay pride flags

Gay Pride is a popular event across the world (image by naeimasgary)

We spoke to Ellie Wynne, president of Leeds Beckett Equals Society. The group promotes the well-being of LGBT+ students.

What are your thoughts on Leeds Pride?
Pride is fantastic because it normalises being part of the LGBT+ community, showing closeted members that it’s ok to be themselves.

Do you have advice for anyone who feels unaccepted?
If you have just come out to the people around you, they may need time. It took you time to accept yourself and they may need this time too.

Why do you feel that support is important?
People are still scared to be themselves; there are high suicide rates in LGBT+ youth. I feel educational support is lacking – it would reduce stigma around the community.
People in the UK are loving and accepting in general but work still needs to be done. It’s shocking that we only decriminalised homosexuality in 1982 and India reinstated it’s law against homosexuality in 2013.


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