Reflection Four

What are the differences between secondary and primary sources?
-The difference between primary and secondary sources is that primary source information has not been published before; it is completely fresh and provides a different angle to other journalists. Secondary sources back up information and show different perspectives, but may have already been used, meaning they don’t provide a fresh outlook on a story.

Why do you think primary sources are important in journalism?
-They are important because (especially with an interview), journalists can follow leads within their primary source which provides angles on stories that other people may not have thought of.

What tips stood out when we talked about interviewing and why?
-Researching the topic as much as possible beforehand so you can ask about details and sound knowledgeable which allows rapport to develop. Being encouraging and considerate with the interviewee also stood out; the more that people trust you, the more information they may give you. Being open and honest stood out as well. Telling the interviewee what your aim is and asking their permission to record shows them that you are trustworthy and also shows you (depending on their reaction) how valuable the interview will be.


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