Reflection Three

What are the main differences that you’ve noticed between traditional, printed content and online content?
-The main difference is the style of writing. For example, online compared to printed content is extremely concise; this is because those using online platforms tend to scan content rather than read in-depth. The aim is therefore different to the aim behind printed content; all the most important information needs to be seen at the top in the most simplistic way possible so that people are engaged very quickly. With printed content, the most important information still needs to be at the top of the piece, but more lengthy paragraphs can be used because the audience are less distracted by other articles when they have the content printed in front of them.

Jakob Neilsen suggests that around 79% of web users simply scan content. What does this mean?
-Users scanning content suggests that their attention span is short; people want to be updated on the news quickly. Journalists have to cater to this by sorting information in their articles in an order that is most likely to catch attention and provide the key information straight away. For example, placing the most important information at the top means that people are more likely to be hooked by the story and continue to read. If people don’t understand the story immediately/the point of the article is not immediately obvious, then the article will not be read.


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