Reflection Five

In what ways did the structured sub-editing process help you to improve your work?
Sub-editing has helped me make my writing less wordy and more reader-friendly. It’s made it much easier to recognise redundant words and how to cut my writing down to the required word count. The process has also enabled me to recognise which points I should lead the article with.

How do you insert an image into a WordPress post? How do you align text around an image?
You click ‘add media’ and upload/select the image you want to use (ensuring that the image can be used under copyright law). To align the image around the text, you select the image and a small task-bar appears with the option to align left, centre, right or no alignment. You select an option based on where you want your image to feature on the page in relation to the text.

Why are JPEG images used for photographic images online?
JPEG is accepted as the default format for images and is supported by all web browsers meaning that your article content is readily available to a wider audience. Not only this, but JPEG format means that the file size of the image is compressed and websites will load faster.


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