New Zealand Earthquake article pitch


Fatal earthquake leaves New Zealand in turmoil

Two people have died in the South Islands after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre of the quake was north-east of Christchurch.
Authorities have urged people who live near the Clarence River to move to higher ground and tsumani warnings were issued but have since been lifted.
High waves hit the east coast, but despite the earthquake being higher in magnitude than Christchurch’s earthquake in 2011, much less devastation has occurred.

My angle on this piece will look at the effect it has had on local people and how effective the authorities defences are against natural disasters in New Zealand.

This article will ideally include:
1) tweets from celebrities (Lorde)
2) photos of the scenes
3) direct quotes from people affected (possibly tumblr user madidog-21 and officialyanghyunsuk, twitter user thomas mead)
4) quotes from authorities

The piece itself will have a 100 word intro with around 700 words for the main body, possibly including a small feature timeline in a sidebar of previous earthquakes and locations.


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