Reflection Six

Why is curation useful in the age of digital journalism?
Social media and other online platforms provide access to any story with many different angles at all times meaning information can be curated incredibly easily. It is much easier to create a story and find primary and secondary sources when you have such fast access to various platforms.

List articles have been around for a long time – but what do you think are some of the main reasons they are popular now?
They’re popular because people’s attention spans are shorter and listicles tend to be very concise and laid out simplistically. Not only this, but listicles are often light-hearted and many people enjoy the break from hard news stories (e.g. politics) that often feature on broadcast media and national newspapers.

How do you feel you are progressing with the development of your first assignment? What problems have you encountered and solved?
Finding an original angle on a piece has been challenging for me, but I’m beginning to solve this by reading more secondary sources to find alternative leads and also following leads that primary sources might give me. Originally I was trying to write the article first, collect sources and then fit them around my work, but doing it the other way round opens up more possibilities for an angle.


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