Reflection Seven

How has the feedback you’ve had in workshops changed your approach to the main assignments you’re producing?
From my feedback, I am learning how to find alternatives angles on stories. For example, my article on Download festival will look at ticket pricing and whether it is justified, rather than just an overview of Download itself; this prevents it from just being a promotion piece.
I have also decided to present my primary sources more integrated with my work as quotes rather than the Q & A style of my primary source in my first piece ‘Accepted Without Exception’. I have also embedded Soundcloud audio into one of my smaller pieces to give the piece more depth.

How well do you feel you’ve managed your time over the last nine weeks?
I think my time has been managed fairly well and all my tasks have been completed on time so far. However, I need to collate my primary sources a little earlier so that I don’t leave the most important information until the last minute and have to change the angle of my story close to the deadline because there’s a new lead I might want to follow.

If you could go back to week one and give yourself some advice to help you out with the module, what would you tell yourself?
As soon as you are given a task, do it as soon as you’re given it. I’d also tell myself to persist with primary sources, and if they don’t get back to you, find alternative methods of contact until they do get in touch.


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