Useful blogs, links and contacts for my Download article

After joining Facebook groups dedicated to Download festival, it enabled me to meet plenty of strangers that all shared the same passion. The response to my message was amazing: lots of people shared their experiences with me and gave me plenty of advice.

Image of the message I sent to the Download Facebook groups

The groups:

Through these groups, I spoke to people from all different backgrounds, who told me why they love Download so much. I was even told about how Download incorporates children and to many people, it feels more like a family than just a festival.

A lady in one of the groups told me that the band Five Finger Death Punch invited her son onstage.


She then responded to my private message, allowing me to publish her feedback on how Download incorporated her son.


After receiving her message, I found her son’s moment onstage on YouTube:

I also spoke to a man named Dan Hart within the Facebook group who has written a piece on his blog documenting his own thoughts and feelings about Download:

I also spoke to friends of mine who attend BIMM university (British Institute for Modern Music) and they have a business tutor named Mike Hosker. As a business tutor, his insight into the logistics of a festival would be highly beneficial when commenting on the justification of ticket pricing.

I have contacted him via email and I am currently waiting for his reply.

Email to Mike Hosker


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